Friday, 19 October 2018


my Addition

siosiua is writing

What is the name of this term’s inquiry?

→ te wa toi

Based on our immersion assembly item and the inquiry name, what do you think we are going to be learning about this term/ what do you think we will be doing?

→ art

How do you feel about this term’s inquiry topic?

→ that Its cool and fun

What do you already know which will help you with the inquiry topic?

→ learning to be a artist

What are you finding challenging/difficult at school at the moment?

→ that we didit do this last term

What do you think could help you overcome these challenges?

→ its good because it can help me with my learning

What do you want to achieve this term/ what are your learning goals?

→ to not be a annoying in learning groups

How can your teachers support/ help you with achieving these goals?

→ put me Somewhere else

Do you think the inquiry will help you achieve your goals? How?

→ Learning about And loving art and have fun

siosiua is writing plan

Writing: last ‘month on a monday my mum’ dad and my brother and’ my Unties and uncles ‘and my cousin went to the tonga vs New zealand and its was fun And the last ‘thing we went to was; was Valentines and my cousin ‘had a goooood dayy ‘and my dad Gave him $100 and he was cry on my dads Shoulder

And Then we took a picture in the photoroom and we went home .

Animation Plan

This term my animation is about cave art.  My animation will take place in Tonga and have a lion in it.