Wednesday, 26 September 2018


We went outside and Miss West gave us a colour. Our colour was green. Antzel found the first clue. Then Lealofi and I found the seven clues and then Antzel, Lealofi and I sorted them out and it spelt RESPECT. We were learning all about coordinates. Coordinates are instructions to tell you what to do and where you are.

I think that next time I need to try harder at thinking about the maths before I do anything else. I can ask questions next time and listen to others ideas and keep on asking them hard questions to keep us all on task.

I found it difficult to sort out the clues in order. It was so hard that I needed some of my friends to help me sort it out.


  1. Well done Siosuia, because you inspired me to find out more about coordinates. I liked the way you spoke so clearly and the way you acknowledged your friends who helped you to find the word - RESPECT. What was the most difficult thing to learn about coordinates? Could you make up a game using the same kind of instructions?

    1. hi Anne thank you for commenting on my blog. The most difficult thing for me when learning about coordinates was looking for the letters and making sure I had done it the right way. I am not sure if I could make up a game, maybe if I have help I could work with my friends to make the game.

      Thanks Anne.